"I have always known god was calling me to the mission field"

For me, this past mission trip to Namibia was an amazing experiences, in addition, a confirmation trip.  Many months of prayer began early this year when Steve and Seoyeon came to visit.  Since then, God has given me a heart of peace and joy in my decision to leave my church and my family for full-term mission work in Namibia.

Several weeks prior to our trip, Steve informed me that Namibia University will be starting their very first Dental School in the country early next year and asked whether I would be interested in a possible teaching position.  Steve knew the dean of the University and I submitted my letter of interest and CV.  During the missions trip, I had the opportunity to speak to the New Director and Dean of the Dental Program.

It is still at very early stages of the program with pending approval of the curriculum and budget by the University.  This is a long process with much bureaucracy in Africa, but God has opened an amazing opportunity for me. 

As for me, I will be joining the Korean missionaries and the 'We Love Africa Foundation', planning to depart for Africa early 2017.  

Please partner with me in prayer for:

  • the position in the dental program
  • the process for me to obtain my full time missionary visa
  • me, as I transition into a new season of my life