what to expect

When we gather on Sundays, our aim is to make much of Jesus Christ, to celebrate who he is and what he has done, and to experience his presence with us by his Spirit. During our worship gatherings we typically read from the Bible, sing, pray, and listen to teaching from the Bible focused especially on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every other Sunday we also partake in Communion (or the Lord’s Supper) together.

When you come to a Sunday worship gathering, you can expect to find a casually dressed congregation from a variety of backgrounds. We start at 2:30pm with a call to worship and then we sing songs of worship — a mixture of contemporary songs and hymns.

Children remain with their parents in the main sanctuary during the worship-in-song part of the service. Then, after some brief announcements and prayer, children aged 2 through 5th grade head to their Sunday School classes. Visiting parents and children are guided by a teacher to their appropriate classrooms, and parents are requested to pick up their children from classrooms at the conclusion of the main service.

For families with infants under 30 months old, a nursery is available with a live sermon video feed for the parents.

Middle and high school students remain with the adults for the main sermon, followed by a final response song of worship, and a closing benediction. Our worship gathering typically ends by 4:10 PM.

If you have any questions or need any direction during your visit, our Welcome Team is available to help out.