new  hope  fellowship

New Hope Fellowship exists to behold and broadcast the majesty and mercy of God in the entirety of our lives, individual and corporate, unto the coming Kingdom of Christ.


  • current sermon series: the five solas of the reformation

    The Protestant Reformation was more than a historical event. It was a powerful move of the Holy Spirit that changed the world. The Reformation marked the recovery of vital truths that the whole world, including the church, need to hear. Over five weeks we'll be talking about five key convictions that served as pillars of the Reformation. They're known as the Five Solas, and as we unpack each one, we'll see with the power, wisdom, and love of God in the Gospel.

  • men's retreat

    Men's Retreat registration is now open! We're holding this event along with Maranatha Grace Church from Friday evening (Nov. 17) to Saturday evening (Nov. 18). For more information, and to sign up, visit


    Join us for an evening of basketball on Nov. 12 at House of Sports Ardsley from 5:30pm-7:30pm. We will be renting a gym: $20/adult, $10/child (50% Discount if registered by 11/8) Open to men and women. Sign up at or contact Kyu Hwang (kyuhwang@gmail) for more information.