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New Hope Fellowship exists to behold and broadcast the majesty and mercy of God in the entirety of our lives, individual and corporate, unto the coming Kingdom of Christ.


  • current sermon series

    proverbs: the way of wisdom


    We all need wisdom. And the Book of Proverbs offers us what we need. In the pages of this book, we’re invited to sit down at God’s table to be instructed by Him. He isn’t just an expert on life; He’s the author of life. And in Proverbs He opens his heart to us as a counselor and promises that if we listen and trust Him, He will give us the insight and discernment we need to live well in the midst of all the decisions, the developments, and even the disasters that we will face.
  • men's retreat recordings

    If you missed the joint Mens' retreat with Maranatha Grace Church, featuring speaker Reid Monaghan, the session recordings are available!

    Nov. 18:  Becoming Thoughtfully Engaged Men

    Nov. 19:  Why Engage In Apologetics?

    Nov. 19:  Effective Engagement