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New Hope Fellowship exists to behold and broadcast the majesty and mercy of God in the entirety of our lives, individual and corporate, unto the coming Kingdom of Christ.



    Registration is now open for our retreat at Solid Rock Day Camp in West Milford, NJ! Click here to register. Our speaker this year is Wendy Alsup, author of "Is The Bible Good for Women?" Visit her blog at

  • new sermon series

    The life of Joseph

    We’re calling this series “Joseph,” but it’s not the story of just one man; it’s the story of a family and the epic history of a nation. As we journey through this narrative, we’ll glean wisdom and insight into many aspects of life. More than that, we’ll see that woven through the entire narrative is an even more important plot line: God’s plan to rescue the world through someone greater than Joseph, a man named Jesus, the Son of God Himself.