Rob Freire


Rob came to New Hope after serving for six years as a pastor of Maranatha Grace Church in Bergen County, New Jersey.

He grew up going to church but eventually rejected Christianity. In hindsight this wasn't so much the result of an intellectual awakening as much as a pursuit of fulfillment in things that would prove to fail him.

But in time, a series of experiences and relationships moved Rob to question his own doubts about God. He began to realize his need of forgiveness, change, and hope. God was pursuing him and continued to do so until he finally found new life through faith in Jesus Christ. Now, as a recipient of God's mercy, Rob wants to live in light of the grace he has received and help others to know that grace too.

Rob received degrees in English Literature, Applied Linguistics, and Theological Studies. In the past, he taught linguistics and worked as a book editor.

He and his wife Delimar have five children: Marcelo (2005), Noa (2007), Marcos (2009), Daniela (2015), and Matias (2018).

You can reach Rob at, or by calling (914)295-2574.

chae an


Chae An has been with NHF since its early days. He became an elder in 2006 and has been serving in various capacities to give glory to God. 

He and his wife, Christine, love Jesus, people, and life together. They enjoy being instruments in making disciples of Jesus and counseling couples on marriage and family. Their family includes grown-up children, Julia, James and Grace (married to James).

tim kang


Raised in a pastor household, Tim has always been culturally Christian since birth. Despite this, doubt and questions always plagued him throughout his adolescent and young adult years. On deeper examination of the truth of the gospel, and on witnessing the numerous miracles of Jesus’ work throughout Tim’s life, these doubts disappeared, and was replaced by hope and awe of the sovereignty of God. 

While still a struggling sinner, Tim has dedicated his life and his efforts to the expansion of the gospel so that others might be transformed by the grace of Jesus in their lives.

Tim and his wife Jihye have two children, Elise (2007) and Samuel (2009).

alex lee


Alex grew up in the mid-west, in a typical Korean-American family which included going to church simply out of family tradition. After completing his medical training, he began working in NYC and was immersed in a hedonistic, materialistic lifestyle. Through a slow intellectual journey of studying different worldviews/religions it became clear to him that Jesus Christ was vastly different and exquisitely unique. 

While this rational approach provided him with answers, ultimately he realized it was the power of God’s love and mercy, through the Holy Spirit, that made him believe that Jesus is alive.

Alex and his wife Sharon have three children: Kate (2004), Daniel (2007), Tobias (2011).

Daniel Lisa

youth director

Daniel grew up on Long Island, and was raised in a Catholic home. It wasn’t until he heard the Word of God preached in 10th grade did God give new life. He surrendered himself to Jesus, his only means of salvation, and the rest is history. After graduating college, he worked in sales, while studying in seminary and attempting a coding boot camp, with the end-goal of entering the ministry in mind. It was towards the end of 2016 when a string of events led Daniel to a revived and strengthened call to ministry. After stumbling upon New Hope’s youth director opportunity, God opened a door, and graciously placed him at New Hope Fellowship. Today Daniel’s singular focus and desire is to exalt and glorify his Savior, and for others to know the profound joy of union with Him.

Daniel and his wife, Jenny, have three children: Penelope, Noah, and Lily.